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2015 12 19

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Ulrika Bjursten Gunnarsson
Kennel Ástvinur
tel:033 244080
Welcome to the home page of kennel Ástvinur! We breed Icelandic sheepdogs. Ástvinur is an icelandic word meaning "faithfull friend" and that sums up the caracter of an Icelandic sheepdog, they really are faithfull friends!
If you are looking for a dog that is allert, agile and likes to follow you around everywere then this might just be the breed for you but...........
Do you get irritated when a dog barks?
Choose another breed!The Icelandic sheepdogs uses there voices alot: when they get excited, when they see something out of place. They have been used as farmdogs since 800 ad and there voice is there working tool. You can controll the barking but you'll never have a quiet dog. This breed needs to have something usefull to do othervise they'll think up something themselves. If you don't have a farm let your dog work by training agility or something like that.
Do you get annoyed when a dog always follows you around, even in to the loo?
Choose another breed! Icelandic sheepdogs hates to be left alone! They are a hearding breed and likes to keep track of there human heard.
Do you want a dosile dog that doesn't say anything to other dogs?
Choose another breed! This breed is like a little vulcano ready to errupt. The male dogs often think that they are the king of al other and they can bee agressiv towards other male dogs.
Are you looking for a breed that is always up for a walk come rain or come shine? Do you want a dog that is very attentive and easy to train with heaps and heaps of energi. Are you interrested in dog sports such as agility, obedience trials or dogshows? Do you want a healthy dog that is a faithfull friend and never leaves your side? Are you interrested in owning a breed that once worked for the vikings in Iceland?
Congratulations, then Icelandic sheepdog is your kind of breed!
If you are curious and like to know more about this lovely breed then please feel free to contact me. Drop me a mail anytime!
Mrs Ulrika Bjursten Gunnarsson
Vassbacken, Mjöshult
504 96 Bredared SWEDEN
tel: 0046033244080
NUCH SUCH SV-05 Ástvinur Aldís at a herding assesment.
She had very good herding disposition.
Photo: Katarina Didriksen
Two Ástvinur dogs that we're really proud of!
Ástvinur Fjalladís and Ástvinur Fjálar. Here they've just been BOB and BOS for the breed speciallist Hans-Åke Sperne at a dogshow in Stockholm.

BOB and BOS at the Swedish Winner show 2012 & 2013


Both from kennel Ástvinur

BOB Ástvinur Ísafold and BOS Ástvinur Fengur

A breeding group from kennel Ástvinur that was awarded an honour prize at the international dogshow in Borås the 30th of June 2012. From left to right:
Ástvinur Fjalar, Ástvinur Jórunn Kolbrá, Ástvinur Ísafold and Ástvinur Fengur.

Ástvinur Fengur Multi Champion winning BOB at the World dog show i Helsinki 2014 from veteran class. We're so proud!