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2015 12 19

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Kennel Ástvinur
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SUCH NUCH C.I.B NV-09 SV-10 WW-10 SE V-15 Fältstigen Salka

This is Salka. She's the daughter of SUCH NUCH DKUCH C.I.B KBHV-09 KBHV-10 NORDV-10 Ástvinur Fengur and Fieldworks Drafna. Salka is simply lovely. A fantastic showdog with a lovely temperament. Salka realy loves to work and is very eager to lern new things. We're going to take an agilityclass this spring and maybe there are going to bee some agilitytrials in the future for this little girl. The degree of inbreeding in her litter was 0.4%.
She got her first CACIB at MY DOG and the judge wrote this:
" Lovely bitch, very nice show girl, correct size and proportions, beautiful feminin head, with lovely muzzle, stop and scull, very good pigmentation and expression. Excellent topline and taliset, correct angulation front and rear, the dew claws are ok, easy mover, good coat quality and colour. Very well presented". ( the judge Rony Doedijns).
She's won several BOS (second only to her father Fengur) and has several CAC and is a swedish, norwegian, and international champion. Salka has healthy hips, grad A
and has been to a herding disposition test and was found to have "a good herding disposition". Salka is the mother of our J- and K-litter.